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Serpentine Trays

Qual-Fab, Inc. manufactures Serpentine Trays in a variety of styles and designs to customer specifications. Our trays are used in a wide variety of furnaces including roller hearth, continuous, brazing, and vacuum types at temperatures up to 2400ºF.

Qual-Fab, Inc. can produce trays in both rectangular and round configurations up to 150” diameter.  They can be load bar type, through rod type, or Qual-Fab’s own nut and bolt design.  This proprietary design offers added strength with greater flexibility, even at elevated temperatures and with water or oil quench.

Serpentine Trays can be fabricated in all stainless and high nickel alloys including 309,310, 330, 333, 600, 601, RA253ma, RA602ca, and others.  For very high temperatures, up to 2400 ºF, composite alloys can be supplied.