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Replacement Parts

REPLACEMENT PARTS which are fabricated from stainless and high nickel alloys are a large part of Qual-Fab’s business.  Whether for furnaces, ovens, or other process equipment, Qual-Fab manufactures replacement equipment duplicating original designs. Where older technology is involved, Qual-Fab strives to continually improve on the design of the parts to be replaced.

With the recent purchase of all of the existing LEE WILSON intellectual property, including all of the drawings from LEE WILSON ENGINEERING COMPANY, we have the ability to exactly duplicate any original equipment from that company.  The same is true of THERMOTECH, where again we have and maintain all of the original drawings and bills of material.

We regularly provide replacement parts for many EBNER annealing furnaces and LOI annealing furnaces that are needed at different international installations.  In both cases we supply EBNER style inner covers, LOI style inner covers, EBNER style fans, LOI style fans,  and other LOI and EBNER style furnace equipment including  base rebuilds, charge plates, convector plates, annealing spiders, and more.  In some cases, for some companies, we supply parts to both the OEM directly and replacements as needed, as in the case of RAD-CON bell annealing furnaces.

We supply replacement fabrications for a number of furnace designs including BEAVERMATIC & KMI furnace equipment parts.  And, we can produce or fabricate all different types of muffle fabrications that can be replaced within the J.L. Becker furnaces, Sinterite furnace equipment, Sargent & Wilbur furnace equipment and even Abbott furnace equipment. Some of our replacement and OEM muffles have been as large as ten feet wide and sixty feet long, and in almost any high temperature alloy.