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Radiant Tubes

Qual-Fab Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturer of stainless and high nickel alloy Radiant Tubes for thermal process industries around the world. As far away as China and India, radiant tubes manufactured by Qual-Fab are in everyday service in high temperature processes, for both OEM’s and as replacement parts. Our newly purchased tube mill enables Qual-Fab to be especially competitive on certain size tubes and alloys, and to deliver 4.5 and 6 inch tubes in unlimited lengths.

Qual-Fab has fabricated virtually all types of heater tubes, cooling tubes and recuperator bundles for a wide range of applications. We produce tubes using virtually any high temperature alloy, in any form or style. Our skilled craftsmen manufacture tubes in both cast and wrought alloys, and in any tube design including S, O, W, U, P, Double P, and straight tubes. These can be made with or without flanges, bellows, collars, and/or insulation already installed. Qual-Fab produces tubes to your exact specifications, or we can assist you with detailed information to help with alloy selection.

Tube Rebuilds: Qual-Fab will also quote on rebuilding your old tubes as a cost effective alternative to all new Radiant Heater Bundles.  With over 25 years experience building furnace parts, we have rebuilt many tubes, in order to salvage the valuable alloy content of the portion that has not failed in the existing tubes.  Each tube is inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality repair is made.