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Lee Wilson engineering company drawings and records

In 2015, Qual-Fab announced the acquisition of all of the drawings and records of both LEE WILSON ENGINEERING COMPANY and LEE WILSON INC.

Lee Wilson Engineering Company, formerly of Rocky River, and later Toledo, Ohio, was a major furnace builder and innovator in the bell annealing market.  Lee Wilson supplied thousands of furnaces for the Steel and Wire Industries over the past 75 years dating back to the 1930s.  Many of the major innovations and original patents involving radiant tube furnaces and high convection annealing systems, have roots going back to the Lee Wilson Engineering Company. The company was also the innovator of the Open Coil Annealing System.

All Lee Wilson Engineering Company and Lee Wilson Inc. drawings, records, and designs are now the property of Qual-Fab.  As a major supplier of stainless and alloy fabrications to the metals industry,  Qual-Fab has historically had a strong emphasis on bell annealing furnace equipment, and can fabricate equipment to exact Lee Wilson designs and specifications, as required by the customer.  As a major supplier to many OEM furnace builders, Qual-Fab currently supplies radiant tubes, high temperature fans, diffusers, inner covers, retorts, and a wide variety of stainless and high nickel alloy fabrications to the Lee Wilson drawings, or the client’s  custom designs.

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