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Aluminum Industry

Qual-Fab has for years supplied a variety of stainless and alloy products to the Aluminum Industry for use in high temperature applications.

Radiant heater tubes in a variety of sizes and styles are produced in our shop. The most common ā€œUā€ shaped tubes or straight tubes in 6ā€ diameter size are produced on our tube mill. This tube mill can produce 309 and 330 tubes in almost any length and with inner and outer arrangement. These tubes are manufactured to consistent high quality, and at very competitive pricing. Other tubes of different sizes and styles can be manufactured conventionally, also to our highest quality standards.

Other items supplied to the industry include fans and diffusers that mount in the roofs of box furnaces. We fabricate the corrugated side walls that line the furnaces, in a variety of alloys. And, we manufacture a variety of fixtures that can be used to mount or carry loads within any high temperature environment.

Radiant Tubes