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Stainless Tanks

Qual-Fab manufactures custom designed stainless and high nickel alloy tanks for all types of industrial applications.  Our non-code atmospheric pressure stainless steel tanks offer you an attractive alternative to the high costs from code shops.

The tanks are fabricated using many grades of stainless and high nickel alloy materials.  Some of these include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, and others, including some of the new duplex alloy grades such as LDX2101 and AL6XN.

Tanks are custom made in a wide range of configurations including horizontal, vertical, leg supported vertical, or rectangular in design.  All types of head styles are available including dished heads, flanged and dished heads, conical heads and others.   All tanks are manufactured non-code strictly to customer design specifications.   Strong   emphasis on quality control, inspection and testing ensure product integrity and your satisfaction. 

With our 78,000 square foot facility, located on 13 acres, 53 ft. under crane capabilities and 20 ft. door, we can handle both large and small fabrications for almost any non-code application. Whether your interest is for chemical tanks, process tanks, storage tanks, or others, please contact us with your specific requirements.

Code Quality Without the Cost

Qual-Fab  can provide ASME code capabilities and can build ASME code tanks and vessels for projects that don’t require a code stamp.  We also produce a wide variety of atmospheric pressure tanks that give you the quality you need without the high costs associated with code shops.