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What can we do for you? Everything and anything.

Whatever product you need, chances are we have experience in fabricating it. If you require a product that you don’t see listed here, and it is made using stainless or high nickel alloys, rest assured we have the ability to produce it to your specifications.

Annealing Spiders Fixtures Pickle Hooks
Bases Forced Coolers Plenums
Calciners Furnace Fans Processing Equip.
Catalyst Baskets Furnace Rolls Radiant Tubes
Charge Plates General Fabrications Recuperator Bundles
Combustion Tubes Hoods Retorts
Convector Plates Inner Covers Rolled Products
Corrugated Boxes Hydrogen Inner Covers-Strip Rotary Retorts
Dampers Hydrogen Inner Covers-Wire Serpentine Trays
Diffusers Innerliners Shrouds
Ductwork Lee Wilson Specialty Baskets
Dust Collectors Muffles Stainless Tanks


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