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Pickle Hooks

Qual-Fab specializes in manufacturing a wide range of high nickel alloy fabricated parts; including Pickle Hooks for both sulphuric and hydrochloric acid systems.  We manufacture Pickle Hooks to customer specifications, in all styles and designs, for both OEM’s and as replacements for existing systems.

The Pickle Hooks are manufactured in a full range of corrosion resistant alloys including 625, 825, Haynes C22, alloy 20 and C276, depending on the specific application.  We can supply both clad or epoxy coated tubes, and can add extra reinforcing or stiffener bars on existing Pickle Hooks where required.

Our trained craftsmen are skilled in the manufacture of these items, ensuring full penetration welds in all critical areas.  Every Pickle Hook is inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality product goes to the customer.

Rebuilds and Repairs: Qual-Fab will also quote on the rebuild or repair of your old Pickle Hook.  This can be a cost effective alternative to the purchase of New Pickle Hooks in that much of the material is reused.  Qual-Fab will quote a “Not to Exceed” price for the repair of your hook.  And again, each pickle hook is inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality repairs.