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Inner Covers

As a world leader in the manufacture of Inner Cover annealing furnaces, Qual-Fab has over 25 years experience supplying Inner Covers to the Steel, Rod and Wire, and other Metalworking Industries. Inner Covers of all styles and designs manufactured by Qual-Fab are in service today in bell annealing installations around the world. These Inner Covers are supplied as original equipment to OEM specifications, and often exceed these requirements for replacement items.

Qual-Fab supplies Hydrogen Inner Covers also of the latest designs. These include horizontal and vertically corrugated sidewalls, machined “O” ring seal flanges, and welding requirement to some of the toughest industry specifications. In addition, Qual-Fab manufactures Inner Covers of all other designs including sand and fiber seals, liquid seal types and both “O” ring and conventional solid seals.

Our experienced and skilled craftsmen, as well as our automated equipment and standard operating procedures, all help us to supply the best quality bell annealing furnace equipment products at very competitive prices.